Gloucester City Men’s Invitational Pool League

League Rules 2022-2023

President: Josue Suarez Vice President: John Lee Treasurer: Robert Hauck Secretary: Vacant

1) Must be 21 years old or older.
2) Only 2 Teams per bar. (NO EXCEPTIONS!)
3) Visiting Team receives table practice at 7:45 pm. (Home team must brush table off if needed.)
4) League Play will begin at 8:00 pm sharp.
5) Home team will supply all of the quarters for the match, which will consist of 13 games of Eight Ball Partners. No other games will be played. Bars with 2 tables; Players participating in match cannot practice on that table.
6) (Minimum of 7 players is needed to play a legal match.)  Teams may play with six players, but must forfeit every 4th game until the 7th player plays; May Play with five players but must forfeit ever 3rd game; May Play with 4 players but must forfeit 2 games every second game.  Please do not abuse this rule. (This rule will be Strictly followed during playoffs ) Teams May Not play with fewer than 4 players.
7) All players must sit out for two consecutive games after shooting.
8) No player may shoot five games in one match. (Match Consists of 13 Games)
9) Three forfeits in a season will result in expulsion from the league.
10) Open roster until December Captain’s Meeting at which time a written copy of each team’s roster will be in the hands of the league secretary.
11) Winning teams are responsible for calling in the scores to the league secretary after the match. Score, run-outs and 8-ball on the break must be called in at (856-471-7665) or submitted online at
12) Players must be present at matches and shoot in a minimum of one game per night for half the season plus 1. (16 weeks)
13) Meetings will be held on the first Monday of every month at 7:00 pm sharp. Reorganizational Meetings Preceding the regular season will be held every Monday in the month of August
*Meetings will be conducted in an orderly manner.
*Captains must attend all meetings. There will be no second chances on missed meetings, you must call before the meeting in order to be excused. Note:  A Co-Captain or representative of the team are allowed to attend meeting to satisfy attendance and Captains are encouraged to allow attendee to pay team dues that are collected. Owners and Players are permitted to attend all meetings, but have no voting privileges on league matters or disciplinary actions against a player or a team. *Failure to attend meetings or provide representative will result in the loss of two wins in the standings.
14) League registration is $100 per team to be paid by Sponsoring Bar.
15) Dues of $6.00 per player, per week (players on roster must pay weekly even if they do not play. Sub players must pay dues also.) “Dues are NOT returnable under any circumstances.  Dues must be paid at the monthly Captain’s Meeting by Captain or Team Representative and will be assessed to the number of players on the roster at the previous meeting (a minimum of 8 players.) Failure to pay dues on time will result in loss of two wins in the standings Per Week, starting at the next scheduled match until dues are paid... If Dues are not paid by last Pool Meeting GCMIPL Reserves the right to disqualify team(s) or Player(s) from Playoffs.  If Dues are not paid by last day of playoffs, GCMIPL reserves the right to deny any team(s) or Player(s) entrance to the Banquet.
16) Each roster must carry a minimum of 8 players and maximum of 15 players.
17) Teams that forfeit will receive no wins and winning teams will receive eight wins.
18) During actual match, no players from either team may practice unless agreed upon by the Captains.
19) Only the shooters at the table at any given time. Captains must take responsibility of controlling their  other players visiting the table.
20) During the annual match, the following rules shall apply:
A. Visiting team breaks 1st game, winners break all succeeding games.
B. Only one chance to break. Team loses chance to break if
a. Miscues, One courtesy Attempt Allowed
b. Fails to hit rack of balls
c. Fails to move two balls to cushion
C. Team breaking has choice if any ball is pocketed on break. If no balls is pocketed the FIRST CALLED BALL determines Solid or Stripes.  On open table, combinations are allowed but only using like balls. 8 ball is neutral.
D. If the 8 ball is pocketed on the break, breaker’s team automatically wins unless breaker also scratches in which case the breaker’s team loses.
E. Shots must be called.  All obvious “right-in” shot do not need to be called.  8 ball Must be called..
F. Combination shots off own team balls only.
G. NO PUSH OR SAFE SHOTS PERMITTED. A player must take an attempt to make a ball on every shot. If a Captain’s team feels a safe shot was played, Disputes must try to be worked out at time of match. If no resolution can be reached replay the rack.
H. The moving of any ball during the normal stroke of a shooters turn, whether by touch, clothing, stick, clothes, or bridge, etc. constitutes a foul and loss of shot. Opposing team then takes a shot.
I. All designated cue ball fouls constitutes Loss of turn; Scratching, Knocking the cue ball off the table, Picking up the cue ball while it is in play or miscuing. In the event of a miscue, the incoming player may allow the fouling player to shoot the ball where it has stopped or take possession of the shot where the cue ball stopped. The play on the cue ball after a foul, regardless of team shooting, will always be where the cue ball stopped.
J. If   the 8 ball is made during a shot where a foul is called the shooter’s team loses the game.
K. No ball may be shot at on any scratch unless the object ball is entirely over the foul line; likewise the cue ball must be entirely behind the foul line.
L. Only the 8 ball and the ball closest to the back rail may be spotted if opposing team scratches and all opponents’ balls are behind the foul line. Opposing team’s Captain spot all balls.
M. Split hits are bad, shooter loses turn and the balls remain where they stop.
N. If any ball leaves the table. It must be spotted, except the 8 ball which results in a lost.
O. If a team had eliminated all of their object balls they will not forfeit the game if the cue ball does not contact the 8 ball on their normal turn.
P. Discussed shots will be limited to a 2 minute duration. If the 2 minutes is reached player has not attempted to shoot then player has 15 seconds to make an attempt at a shot. If not player will lose turn. Please do not abuse this rule.
Q. If a player is flagged from the bar in which he is to play, it is the owner’s responsibility to let him play or keeps him out. In the event he is the 6th player, the team must play with five players. (Forfeit every 3rd game.)
21) Any player may change teams before the first half ends, but only one time.
22) The treasurer will give a monthly report at every meeting stating the amount of money that is in our account.
23) Playoffs are a Race to 20 wins or Best of 39 games. Playoffs are a continuous match (See Playoff Rules.)
24) Playoff Matches are to be scheduled by the Official Registered Team Captain Only. Once Matches are scheduled and Match has begun No schedule changes will be permitted... Matches must be played Tues, Wed, or Thurs, if no consensus is reached (One match must be on your regular League Night "WEDNESDAY"). Other arrangements can be made if Both Registered Team Captains can agree on a Schedule (Please work it out)
25) Any members causing a disturbance with the league or its members can be voted out
of the league by the league members. This will be taken up at the meeting following the disturbance. Any member of a team that continually causes disturbances against his team or any other team will be disqualified from the league. These disturbances include abusive language, threats, heckling a shooter, or continual harassment or any such behavior unbecoming of the rules of sportsmanship or fair play. Heckling a shooter could result in a loss for the violating team. This rule applies for bystanders associated with either team. The Captain of the home team is responsible for keeping the bar spectators from doing the same.


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