League Update

Good Evening,

Gloucester City Men's Invitational Pool League Season and Banquet have officially been canceled. Please see your Captain for your refund and league shirt.

 Hope to see everyone next season. Please be safe and healthy. 


Executive board,

State of Emergency (Covid19) Update

Good Morning Gloucester City Men's Pool League. 

As you, all know Our Country is facing a severe catastrophe.
It saddens me to say this pandemic of Covid19 has shut all social events and gatherings. 

e have currently suspended the rest of the Season of our League. Playoffs and our end of season banquet are currently on hold…

Please be reassured that your Executive board have, and are diligently discussing alternatives and scenarios on a daily basis. The Executive Board are figure out the proper course of action and when this action will take place.  We will be informing you through social media (GCI Pool League Facebook) and our website at www.gcipoolleague.com

Captains:         If you have any questions Please call your 
                       Board Members.  That is what we are here for.

Currently:        All Captains Meetings are suspended until
                       further notice. Playoffs and Banquet are
                       currently on HOLD until further notice.


Meetings are currently suspended until further notice

Captains Tournament

Winners of the Captain Co Captain Tournament is Boat Club.
Pat Buscio and Chalie Rice

Thanks to Mighty Joe Young for attending the needs of our league and players 

All star Tournament

Gloucester City Men's Invitational Pool League would like to thank ICAC for making our All Star Tournament a great Success...

Winners of Allstar Tournament is as follows

Champions :  Hot Shots (Freddy Mills & Jeff "Squid" Maggio)

Runner Up: VFW A (Dom Walto & Dane Caddell)


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League News


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Participate by sending a picture or history of your team or bar to gcipoolleague@gmail.com .Please let your sponsor know that this is available.