Round 4 Final 

VFW A      20             5     Boat Club

Round 3 Playoffs

VFW A  Winner            Forfiet   Demo A
Boat Club 20                      18    Railhouse B     

ROUND 2 Playoffs

VFW A                20      12    Brooklawn American Legion  
Railhouse B        20      16    Crescent Park VFW A
Demo A             20      18     National Park Pub
Boat Club           20      17   Highland B

Round 1 playoffs

                      VFW A  20             10   Verga A
             Railhouse B 20                8   Crescent Park B
   National Park Pub  20             10   Spread Eagle
               Highland B   20              5   Demo B
                 Boat Club   20            13   Highland A
                     Demo A  20             15   Verga B 
    Brooklawn Am Lg  20             14   VFW B             
      Crescent Park A   20             17   Railhouse A

Captain's Co Captains Tournament Results
1st Place VFW A Nick and Wayne
2nd Place Railhouse B Walt and Mark

Breaking News

All Star Tornament Results

1st Place - Boat Club, Joe Cain & Anthony Narducci

2nd Place- VFW A, Wayne Hunter, Nick Cipparone

Thanks To Gloucester City's VFW for hosting our Tournament

if you know of anyone that is interested in shooting please reach out to the league at  

Thanks to all the players that make this league great.

See you soon

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