To all captains of the Gloucester City's Men's Invitational league, Please review your team/players status. Be sure that you will have enough players for the season. If not start recruiting... Be aware that Mandatory Re-organizational meetings on
Monday, August 19th and 26 at 7pm at the ICAC. For those Teams who's captains are stepping down, Please inform the Executive Board of your Replacement... Be advised that a multitude of changes are taking place in this new season.

Full teams of other leagues are interested in shooting in our league...

All Captains must attend this meeting to secure their spot in the league...

If you have any further questions or cannot attend please call Josh

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Participate by having your team photo's added to the photo gallery

by emailing them to gcipoolleague@gmail.com or post them to  our new facebook page at   https://www.facebook.com/Gloucester-City-Mens-Invitational-Pool-League-207989952939879/?fref=ts 


Participate by sending a picture or history of your team or bar to gcipoolleague@gmail.com .Please let your sponsor know that this is available.